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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Snake Photography

It is always nice to see a snake while hiking.   
When you do, stop where you are, slowly get your camera out and get that first photo in the "bank".

Then you can slowly take a step closer and get a better photo.

It was when I stooped down to his level to get the "money shot" is when he turned and slithered away very fast so I did not get that great photo I was hoping for but at least I had something in the camera.


  1. Good shot none the less, only snake I saw in our garden was a grass snake and as soon as it sensed me it was gone

  2. Done with your phone? I always wonder why that design of nature and those racing stripes on his or her body but a beauty it is.

  3. Very few snakes seen around here. I can't say I'm sorry! It's usually a good strategy with any kind of photography to "get one in the bag", I find; you never know when the sun is about to go behind a cloud or some idiot decides to park their car in front of the scene.

  4. We never see them overhere, only in a zoo. Must be exciting to watch them so close.

  5. "It is always nice to see a snake while hiking."

    It is??


  6. I'm with Sandi. I don't mind seeing them when I know I'm going to see them, but I don't want to just encounter one. I follow someone on Instagram who is always taking photos of rattlesnakes he encounters. No thanks. I once had a water snake sneak up on me, and I wasn't sure if I was going to throw up or faint. Luckily I didn't do either.

  7. That is a rather handsome snake. I don't mind them at a distance. When I see cute little ones with a racing stripe on their sides in our garden I say hello and they slither away.

  8. Sorry, my can have your snakes....other than our Myrtle. She our in-house black snake that kindly shares her skin with us year after year. If something happened to her I would be very sad. Nice pictures, though. Am trying to get caught up with my commenting tonight. genie


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