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Sunday, August 7, 2016

The Train Show

There was a model train show nearby.  I went to look.  I had a Lionel train set as a kid. I used to build walls with my Lincoln Logs, position the cowboys and Indians on and around the walls and bust through it all with my larger scale locomotive at high speed. Great fun.  Although the trains are enjoyable to watch, I am more fascinated by the little dioramas.  It is so easy to transport yourself into the scene,   a time and place of much better times.

I didn't notice it while there but the round barn in the distance is a landmark here in Santa Rosa.

This is reproduction of one our the shopping malls where I live. 
You can tell by the cars they've stuck to a specific timeline in these scenes.

Now wouldn't you like to be here?  There is a Twilight Zone episode this reminds me of.

- more to come -


  1. A real trip to nostalgia. I still think with pleasure on the times that I and my brother played with a Trix train hours and hours. The only minor point, never enough rails.

  2. I loved trains when I was a child (and don't need much excuse to climb aboard one nowadays if I'm honest). Model trains are always a delight for kids of all ages.

  3. That is nice to watch indeed, they imitate the reality in miniature very well.

  4. those are cool sets. you feel like 'attack of the 70ft woman' or something...

  5. I used to love it on the show The Addams Family when Gomez would blow up the train set. I love these train sets and the reproductions of the towns. I know the Twilight Zone episode you're talking about too.

  6. The second, fourth, and fifth we are my favorites, and the very past one is precious. I bet you had the time of your life at this model train show. genie


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