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The nice thing about being confused is you get a chance to notice things a lot better than if you knew where you were going.

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Monday, August 8, 2016

Those Were the Days

I made an effort to catch the trains as they passed by which now I see was silly.  They could be standing still for all you would know.  I should of shot video. Duh!

Taking pictures without flash meant a slow shutter speed which creates a small depth of field thus hardly anything is in focus.  Duh!

Moore & Company's signs read Only the best from east to west and Importers of premium quality goods.  Yep, like I wrote in the last post, these scenes take you back to better times like before we became flooded with all the Chinese junk we buy these days.  Remember back when Made in Japan was something we used to raise our eyebrows up at?


  1. WOW! They look beautiful. Love to see the trains, tracks and the stations. My kid would have enjoyed if he sees this settings. He loves trains.

  2. I love the miniature buildings. So different then the ones you find here.

  3. Some people must have so much patience to make all those detailed buildings. Very cute.

  4. i like the shot of all the tracks - almost looks like a real railyard.

  5. Impressive stuff there. I'm sure it's fun to photograph.

  6. I love all your photos! Thank you so much for this treasure and for giving me an opportunity to reminisce about days gone by.

  7. I love these trains and tracks and little towns. I always wanted an electric train but my daddy said they were not for girls. I happen to disagree with that totally. Love the shots. Wish I had been there. genie


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