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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Roadside Art

Along Highway 101 twenty miles north of where I live.

I have no idea what the artist intended here.  Perhaps a portal into another dimension?
I didn't walk up the ramp to test that hypothesis.

I don't understand the title either.

Oh the power of the Internet!  I found this:


This sculpture is a relic of galactivated* passage for all beings. 
The husk of the portal is a symbol of all directions coming to one point, which is where you will stand when crossing the threshold of two 1000lb ring vessels counter rotating around you.
These ring vessels have an enormous range of  content, from intelligent lights, steam, fire, water, and fog. The symbols on the rings represent the four elements that they produce.  When fire or other vapors are released into the ring vessels they create a tangible elemental wormhole effect that one may, or may not choose to pass through.  
Your passage and cleansing of fire leads you down the bridge and delivers you back to a different time, space, and point of consciousness. 
* Galactivation:  This is a term I self-discovered that I feel accurately represents the intentional awareness and humility necessary to actively observe the multitude of parallels between the micro/macro verse, with relation to our place and gratitude for symbiotic resonance.

Well I still don't understand it much more than I did when I started this post.


  1. Well, that's cleared that up then. I take it that "term I self-discovered" means "something I made up"??? Despite all the gibberish which they inspire I always find works like this interesting, especially when encountered unexpectedly.

  2. Must be a lover of the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

  3. You missed it all by not entering that hole! :)

  4. I'll jump through it. Why not.

  5. Sounds like what I wrote for "The Other Side of Scorpio".

  6. Art has a language all of its own - and its key purpose seem to be to baffle!

    The alien idea would cause me to walk away too! I trust the local indigenous people who say its an image of a white person - more images to come next week.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne


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