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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Young Redwood Grove

This one of many small groves of redwoods that grow in my next door State Park.  These redwood trees will grow to be mighty giants beyond my lifetime.  Redwoods are lovely trees when in their place.  They are not the tree to have in your yard or around your home.  

I had three large redwoods in the backyard where I used to live.  They are messy, forever shedding dead fronds of needles.  They're great for plugging up rain gutters and a real bear to rake up.  

Where gloves when cleaning up redwood waste for the needles are sharp on the ends.  

Now I live in a different house but again I am burdened with a large Redwood tree in back. 
I've started to rake it up some but the debris bin is full.  Next week. 
Those are the neighbor's homes to the left and right.

After any reasonable wind there is a mess to clean up on the lawn in which the fronds cling tightly to the grass.  This is after raking the grass and the few stubborn ones remain.  
No worry, there'll be more after the next wind.


  1. Sometimes you have to pay the price for having a wonder of nature in your garden.

  2. I just admire them while driving through here in Marin (None in my neighbohood). I never knew how tenacious they are. Makes sense - if messy Thanks!

  3. My yard pine trees are also a huge mess, but they are such an ordinary tree compared to a redwood!

  4. Hi, John....our biggest problem outside the leaves is the array of acorns that fall from the oak trees. Since our whole yard under these trees is rocks, it is really hard to get everything out of them! Then in the spring, they have little sprouts that come up.

  5. It is a good thing they are beautiful to make up for the mess!

  6. I have the same issues as Linda Kay above - lots of oaks and lots of acorns. A few years back there were so many acorns, I had to shovel them up. I think I'd still rather rake up big oak leaves than pine needles.

  7. ahhh. better in the 'wild' than suburbia. :)

  8. Problems with having a fir tree near the house mind you the Redwood is a big tree

  9. Did you know that the shape of the "leaves" allows moisture to condense on them then drip to the roots of the redwood? They need the cool moisture laden clouds that are around most mornings.


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