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Saturday, October 29, 2016

Day 2

After posting yesterday I noticed my laptop was not being charged by the plug-in cigarette light power supply.  The plug-in was super hot.  Must be fried inside.  So that's not working.  I searched out a Best Buy and a Radio Shack today and neither had a unit that would work with my laptop.  This is good.  Get all  these problems out of the way in the first few days then I can relax for the winter.  Fortunately I have my old laptop with me for a back-up.

This evening's overnight scenic view.


  1. Civilization always left her tracks.

  2. Where people are, there is always mess. I don't understand why somebody does this, the nonchalance.

  3. well, problem #2. let's hope #3 is a mild inconvenience and nothing major. :)


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