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Monday, October 31, 2016

Day 4

This morning I went for a walk out across the desert.  
After nearly a mile away from nothing I came across this "retreat".
That is one large metal storage container made into what looks like two separate living quarters.
To the right you can see seating for meetings.  Hmm...

There was a "bar" and bar-b-que set up off to the side from the above photo.
You can see much more attention to detail was made in the building of the patio entertainment portion of this encampment.  They do have their priorities it appears. 
There is another storage container behind, locked up very securely.

This was no ordinary desert dwelling for it came with three bedrooms. 

The winds can get so fierce out here that they can blow down the walls of your bedroom
not even to mention what they do to your roof.

Upon closer inspection I saw this sign in the window.  The bar, meeting area and heavily secured storage in such a remote area all made more sense now.
 Time for this boy to be moving on back to his own camp.


  1. None of us go off the path like you!

  2. interesting place. i'd not be trespassing...

  3. Alrighty then. Stocking up for when the Terminators take over.

  4. Seriously, it's a wonder it's not plastered over an UrBex site buy now. I find it strange to leave a place like that for people to wander round what do they expect

  5. Sometimes the desert can be a very ugly place to be.

  6. It looks like a movieset with the corresponding "inviting" figures to it. Get away!

  7. I would be afraid out there in the desert.

  8. Wonder what their definition of "enter" is, and also whether it's actually private property or an illegal inholding.

  9. Not strangers--just potential friends!


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