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Friday, October 14, 2016

Sinbad's Ship

I worked on this piece throughout those dark days that Sinbad was in the process of dying.  
My art helped me greatly to get through that difficult time while I cared for him.
It's been a week now and I know the hole in my heart will eventually heal in time.
I wish to thank everyone who sent their kind words of thought and support my way.
May you have eternally calm seas and gentle breezes in your journey 
through the hereafter my dear Sinbad.


  1. Its a well known fact that art can comfort in difficult times. A great drawing and not the flying dutchman. If I think at the 5 cats we loosed during the years only one died naturally at home and now number six (Sofietje ) is making the house very hairy. Every time we said okay that was the last one but it never worked. They also comfort very much.

  2. The drawing is stunning, so detailed. Glad you found some handwork to do while letting your thoughts go. It is a hard time but good you were with him. As SC alraedy said we only experienced that once and that felt better than all the traffic victims we had before.

  3. It's a wonderfully detailed drawing John and must of you taken hours to do... lovely to hear you have a wonderful talent to concentrate the mind. Keep travelling my friend as I love following your adventures.

  4. Wonderful piece of art to remember him by!

  5. I'm happy to hear that you have art to help you through this time.

  6. Looking through your photos makes me realize how many memories you made with Sinbad. He went on a lot of adventures with you and each one was a true joy to see and read about. This blog is a tribute to his long and full life. When you lose a best friend, it's a deep hurt alright; your drawing is a beautiful creation inspired by Sinbad's final steps on his journey. I've no doubt his seas will be calm. Peace be with you John. Peace be with you.

  7. I'm so sorry you've lost him. Losing a beloved pet is a sad time. I hope Sinbad will have smooth sailing in the afterlife.

  8. Like Sinbad the sailor, what a beautiful drawing. Art is really a great gift, I am glad you went back to the pen and paper.


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