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Sunday, November 13, 2016

Day 17

Today I hiked back to the same area I found the fossil hoping to find another.  No luck.
Back at camp later in the day I noticed this ant crawling across my carpet 
with a piece of soda cracker I dropped from lunch.
He's right in the center of this picture.

Here is an enlarged portion of the picture.
You can see that is a pretty big piece of cracker.  As large as he is.  Although he was moving fast intially, later on he really slowed down.  I guess ants can get tired carrying a load.

 He got way over there in those Creosote bushes and I finally quit tracking him.  That is a long way and who knows how much further he had to go.  When he makes it back to the colony with his cracker he'll be a hero. "Dude, where'd you find that?!"


  1. Funny how the ants detect immediately that something is eatable. I think I would have some trouble with it.

  2. I am sure he was welcomed with those words :-)


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