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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Day 19

Last night was the big Super Moon event.  
Here the moon is rising over the distant mountains.

I tried to get a photo through my telescope but could never get the focus spot on.

My viewing station while listening to soft classical music.  It was dark.  
The camera just brightened everything.  Those shadows are moon shadows.

They say it last occurred in 1948.  That was the year I was born.  I assume it happened then in November.  That was the month I was born.  So I was born under a Super Moon.  I must be a Super Guy.  If it is to occur again in 2034 I'll be 87.  I wonder if I'll make it.
As above, it is night time and that is all moon shadow.  


  1. You have captured the big moon fine and then al that light. Wonderful. Bieb and I were waiting to get a change to shoot it but is was a skyfilling fog the whole evening here.

  2. I think they are great photos.

  3. That is quite an experience to be in the desert with all that moonlight. We haven't seen the super moon as it was all cloudy here.

  4. The top looks like it is ringed in red. May be a trick of my eyes. Do you see it?


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