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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Day 20

Distances are deceiving in the desert.  Here I am 2.5 miles away from camp which is at the base of those mountains to the left.  You may be able to see a small white specks at the base of a low dark hill on the left.  That is an RV but not mine.  Mine is too small to see.  On this particular hike I realized I wasn't getting that much closer to my destination so I stopped here.

A tall Ocotillo is the only shade provided in this area.

 This is the view I have from my "patio" where I eat all my meals or just sit and enjoy.

If the clouds give the sun something to work with I get wonderful sunsets each evening.

Regarding yesterday's post about the Super Moon I was really lucky for when I went out for an encore performance last night the above cloudy skies obscured the moon.  
I would have had to wait till 2034 for another chance.


  1. Gosh you make me dream of far places!

  2. Some glorious pictures that really give a "sense of place". I rather like the idea that you take a magic carpet along with you!

  3. You make yourself comfortable at home with the Persian carpet, I like that and also the tough cowboy!

  4. Your pics make me wish to be somewhere like that!


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