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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Day 26

In today's walkabout in the desert I stumbled upon someone's abandoned retreat hidden in a gully.

What was once a shade structure I figured were the sleeping quarters 
as there was the green metal hammock sling inside.  
That little flashlight hanging right in the center of the photo still worked, just barely.

A wood hammock sling outside.

Safe to assume this is the dining area.

Next to it the den or general living area?  
Notice the wind generator and the wood box on the post was wrapped shut with wire 
and all I could see inside was a curly telephone wire.

This must be the office.

If you need to make a telephone call hopefully you brought some change with you.
Why would anyone haul these things all the way out here?

This was dated August 2013.

Maybe the old desert hermit who lived here looked something like this guy.

You never know when you might need a boat in the desert.

Up on the nearby slope were these three solar panels.  The wire had long ago been cut in several places.  Under the covered box were two batteries.  No way for me to tell if the panels still worked or not.  And they were heavy too so they must be of early technology was my guess.

I know you are wondering but no, I never did locate the bathroom.  
On my way back to camp I came across this.  
It is obviously marking something important but I have no idea what.


  1. It doesn't matter how remote you are. You always find some left traces of previous visitors.

  2. Mysterious items in a deserted area, much to explore there.

  3. There are definitely some strange things that go on out in the desert.

  4. You do find some odd things in the middle of know where I must admit even I have round some of the more remote places in this country and you have to wonder why

  5. The desert: where dreams go to die.


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