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Monday, November 28, 2016

Day 32

The wind was at it again today.  I drove 8 miles to Coachwhip Canyon thinking I might get some shelter from the wind in the small canyons there.  It is a place I've been to many times when I had a 4 wheel drive vehicle.  Now with the Little House on the Highway I have to park at the mouth of the Canyon and walk in.  I don't need the adventure of getting stuck.

Oh to have that youthful exuberance once again for I would have scrambled up this to the top.

There are lots of little alcoves carved into the rock by the flood waters.  This one had what looked like an Indian cliff dwelling in it.  In reality the hole is only a couple feet tall and deep.

Eventually I reached the end of the narrow canyon I was in.  
I searched deep and found just a little bit of that youthful exuberance still within me.  
"I can do this."

As I was climbing up, all alone, no one knowing where I am, just once slip away from disaster, yes I was thinking to myself  "Fool, you have no business doing this." 
I made it to the top where I could look down into the neighboring canyon.

This overlook is just as small section of Coachwhip Canyon and you can imagine all the numerous canyons and ravines there are here to explore.

My youthful exuberance reserve was used up, spent, gone, bone dry empty.  
Time for this old man to find a way down without tumbling ass-end over teakettle.

Believe me, going down is scarier than going up.  And you have to keep in mind not to go down something that you cannot go back up if you have to because you come to an impassable point somewhere beyond.  Then you become trapped liked a rat.  This was mulled over a couple of times.


  1. The caution of an old fox walking across a frozen stream is proverbial in China. The young fox dashes across. The old fox proceeds step by step with swiveling ears listening for the slightest crack!

  2. Barren Land waiting for discoveries.

  3. Well old soldiers never die, you can be proud to have managed the up and down safely.

  4. Now you sound like me doing silly things like that though my wife would be berating me for it not saying well done


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