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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Day 6

For this day's hike I climbed into the hills nearby to explore around.
Oh the things I find in the desert amazes me.
This was a small flat area between two hilltops.

Someone or more put in a lot of time and effort in this rock art.

This I had no idea what it was until I got into this position.
A bighorn sheep which do live in the mountains around here.

 This too I could not figure out until I walked around it.

"Oh, a scorpion."  Yeah, I didn't get it at first.

I thought this one of those sacred spiral things but it was a snake.

The most impressive one left no doubt what it was.
I am standing on top of the hill in order to get it all in the frame.

The head of the snake.  Notice the white eyes and forked tongue.
The head is one big heavy rock.  I couldn't lift it.

This pretty much clears the idea that these rock sculptures were done by the "ancient ones".

 There were no footprints anywhere around except for mine.


  1. We are anxious to leave our mark

  2. my connection only let me load the first photo. bummer.

  3. okay, i got to view them, now. very cool.

  4. Love these shots! I, too, have noticed quite a bit more rock art out here at Goffs, especially around Amboy. But nothing like what you captured.

  5. very cool, John. Fun things to find.

  6. So neat to find those. I've seen pictures of them before on several other blogs, especially that huge snake!

  7. Very cool, and a lot of work. Yes, definitely not the ancient ones! I came across one of those big sacred spirals out in Wonder Valley.

  8. Superb, what a great thing to find in the middle of nowhere

  9. The surroundings really inspired this artist. Nice work indeed.

  10. What a beautiful rock art! I have not seen them before!

  11. That is interesting art to find in the desert! Someone worked his heart out with a lot of inspiration.

  12. These are brilliant! What a find!

  13. Very cool. You have a talented wanderer somewhere nearby. (Love the ancient Winnebago!)


  14. I'll be darned... There IS art in the desert...


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