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Friday, November 4, 2016

Day 8

On today's hike I discovered this solar powered weather monitoring station.

They had a heavy-duty Master cable and lock attached so no one could steal the solar panel.

Ah, but just remove one nut and bolt, 
slip the cable pass and you're free to take a 140 watt solar panel.

Undo a few other nuts and you've got the entire support system too. 

I walked away wondering just what they were thinking?


  1. I like to hope it will be unmolested

  2. That's an awful lot of kit to tell you that it's dry in the desert.

  3. Self supporting things are more and more common these days and specially on remote area's. Of course the desert is very good for catching sunlight but the weather forecast is mostly boring the same here I guess.

  4. Not everyone is so clever as you :-)

  5. They were thinking, "I sure am glad I have a government job!"


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