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Friday, November 18, 2016

Day 22

Two huge RVs moved in nearby.  That's two too many.  So it was time to move from "Indian Village" camp.  That's what I called it as long ago probably some little only child kid such as myself, built this cute little Indian Village within the Creosote Bushes close by.  The ruins still stand.

With next week being Thanksgiving week I could see the area becoming more lets say "used" so I packed up and move a quarter mile away where I think I'll be safe from all the hoopla.
I like my quiet.  Here is a neat cloud formation the other evening.

After moving not once, but twice, I went for a little ride and took a picture of the sign for you.

Okay, so why twice?  I moved over to the boundary line of the park knowing no one will be moving in all along the east side as it is off limits to vehicles being State Park land.  After setting up camp I walked back to camp #1 to get my motorized bicycle I left there and ride it on over to the new spot.  When I returned on my bike I saw that the huge RV south of my new spot pulled out while I was away.  His vacated spot was less rocky and offered more of a buffer to the guy north of me, so I moved again 50 yards south.  
Yeah, I used to always drive the family nuts in my searching for the perfect campsite.


  1. hope it'll be a happy, peaceful spot.

  2. I hope that you've found the perfect spot now. I used to walk with a friend who was similarly fussy about campsites, even though it meant taking down a tent and pitching it somewhere else. This could be tiring at the end of the day when we'd just done a 20 mile hike. Happy days!

  3. Nothing wrong with finding the best spot, my wife is like that

  4. Better to be in the perfect spot even if it takes a couple of moves!


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