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Thursday, July 27, 2017

But it is Only Flat on the Bottom

One day I noticed this.

How on earth did a stick get stuck in the sidewall of the inside rear tire?  That is a fairly easy question to answer.  Just a set of perfect circumstances of the outside flipping up the stick and the inside tire catching it just right while being held firmly on the ground by the outside tire.  And how long had it been like this?  That I really wish I knew.  I check my tires before each day's drive.   I am pretty certain I did so before leaving Craters of the Moon.  Pretty sure?  From there it was to do laundry, a lunch stop and then on the Henry's Fork.

I broke camp and drove slowly south about 5 miles to a gas station to them put the spare tire on.  Fortunately Idaho road workers were painting the lines on the highway and I could crawl along behind the paint truck at a slow speed for a few of those miles.

Then it was on down to Ashton 30 miles further to a tire shop that had just one tire of the correct size left in stock. Finally my luck has turned?  It became my new spare tire.  I was back at camp by three in the afternoon and was elated to find "Camp Perfect" still there waiting for us.  All I can say is that I parked in the same exact spot as before and now the RV is a bit more level which leads me to believe the tire was flat when we arrived five days earlier.

A $263.53 splinter of wood.
 Yes, it will be mounted inside the Little House on the Highway somewhere.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

What Do You Do All Day?

We spent several days here and you may wonder what does one do all day? 
 Well you can watch a gopher dig out his home.

Meanwhile Beans snoozes and misses the gopher action.

You can watch women fly fish.
I've seen fishermen come by here and never catch anything.  Both times we were here, nothing. 
 Then one day three ladies from Utah came by.  They caught fish.  The only ones to do so.

And you can go for walks in the fields of wildflowers

Think you could do that?

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

We've Come Full Circle

We ended up making an unintentional grand loop of the Pacific Northwest winding up where we camped the first of June, along Henry's Fork River.

This was one of our best camps and I found it only to be better the second time around.
 The water had warmed up enough I could do a long soak each day. 
So refreshing.

How would you like to open your front door to this every morning?

Monday, July 24, 2017

Laundry Day

It had been laundry day for a long time and I kept putting it off.  When we left Craters of the Moon the first town would be Arco, Idaho.  Just before entering the little town was a small RV park and I saw the word Laundry on a building.  I wheeled in there and found this just to be the ticket.  
So much better than a regular laundromat with a bunch of people milling about.

Very nice and clean.

And yes it was and it did.

Now as you can see Arco is famous for being the very first town to be lit by atomic power.  
Well I swear the dryers in that little laundry room must have little mini nuclear reactors in them. 
 The clothes were so hot I could barely handle them.  Nice!

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Camp and Trailers

Our camp at Craters of the Moon when everyone was gone.

Some unique trailers.

This one the top raised up like a big bug readying to fly off.
The only thing was you could see in those tinted window very easily.
Privacy is at a minimum here.

I have never seen this before and saw it was made by Airstream.
I bet it cost a pretty penny.

Lastly I saw this go by while making dinner.  I loved the map and had to go track them down.
They were a young couple with two little ones and one humongous dog.  Great Dane I think.
I learned they have a tiny house and built this from what they learned from tiny house living thinking maybe they would live this way for awhile and see how it fits their lifestyle

It would be neat if the water fill hose was at the mouth of the Mississippi River.
The young lady said she knew of another cat owner with a cat named Beans.
No, I didn't go around and take a picture of the other side.  Really BIG DOG remember.

Looking at this now as I set up this post the marks of where they have been reminded me of bird splats.  Now if I had a big map on the Little House on the Highway you know I would be marking my stays with bird splats for sure.

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Best Souvenir Buy

I really liked this post card and it makes a fine addition to the collection on the walls inside the
Little House on the Highway.

I was concerned about buying some glasses to safely view the eclipse by.  I figured there will be vendors all up and down the eclipse path hawking cheap Made in China viewing glasses and I certainly am not trusting the Chinese in protecting my eyeballs from the sun's glare.
So I was very happy to see these were made in the good old U S of A.

Friday, July 21, 2017

Moldy Trees?

Tree Mold Trail

Okay, when I first read this in the brochure that's what I thought.  Once
there at the trail head I had an "oh I see" moment.  This was a long one
mile hike in.  Yeah, one mile isnt that far but it was mid-day, getting
hot and through a lava field.  But I was glad I went to see the tree molds.

When the lava flowed it passed through a forest of trees.  One tree
remained standing and left a perfect round core in the lava.

A few others fell and left their impressions where you can still see the
distinctive pattern in the bark.  There are probably many more impressions
buried beneath the surface of the lava.

Looks like tire tracks from 2000 years ago.  Hmm...

Craters of the Moon had the most descriptive trail signs I had ever seen.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Snow Cones?!

Snow Cone Trail

No, there were no snow cones in various fruity flavors to be bought at a vendor's booth.

The snow piles up in this deep lava tube and here it is July and it still has not melted away.
 Too bad the D.I.R.T. element left their mark by throwing sticks and stones
down onto the snow and ice.

Another trail branched off where you could look down into the Big Crater.
I wondered if anyone ever tumbled down that slope. 
 Knowing the stupidity of  D.I.R.T. probably so.
I can only hope.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Point Two Mile Up.

Spatter Cones Trail

Yep, it was only a .2 mile walk the side of this large cinder cone but it got my attention.  
Must be the altitude.  Yeah, that's it and also why I forgot to take a photo.

At the top you had a grand view all around.  You were also supposed to see
the line of cones following the rift in the earth's crust that leaked out
all this lava as recent as 2000 years ago.

I was distracted and impressed as to how this one big tree came to be at the top.

And how this looked like it belonged on the ocean beach with all the other driftwood.

They came from Illinois to take in the view.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017


Devil's Orchard Trail

One of the walks the signs focused on the lichen growing.  Being that
lichen gets it's nutrients from the atmosphere this is a good barometer of
the air quality.  Well the lichen isn't doing so good of late.  There used
to be a lot more back in the 50's.  As remote as Craters of the Moon is
the air quality is still bad enough to affect the lichen.

A bench, some shade, I'll take that. 
 I sat there thinking sad lichen thoughts.

I continued on my way and this little butterfly made me think of better things.

Then towards the end of the walk I notice where a little bunny left his
mark in the fresh cement soon after it was poured.  
And I was smiling again.