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Monday, March 6, 2017

Day 130

I returned to the archaeological site this time leaving the bike at camp and hiking out to it.  Now  I could investigate the area more thoroughly not thinking about where I dropped the key!
I walked the entire area and this is the only anomaly I could find, 
this arrangement of stones forming a square. 

Each bundle of stones had some loosely wrapped rusty wire around them.
Perhaps they are marking a location of something that was found there.
Like my friend Carolyn said "Probably one arrowhead was found and the entire one acre site was declared an archaeological site."

As I was leaving walking the path it hit me.  The path itself is the archaeological element, like the Nazca Lines of Peru.  What is here can only be seen from above.  Back at camp I Google Earthed the site.  Nope, there are no figures created on the desert floor.  So it remains a mystery.

This is a Desert Lily and they are blooming all over the desert now.

Another day on my bike I passed a hillside covered with these purple flowers.  
"I'll get a picture on the way back."  I didn't.  Passed it right on by I did.

Late afternoon shadow shot by camp.


  1. No doubt it was just a few finds for it to be called that but if you dug down it may show a different aspect like the ones found in our country

  2. It is a miracle to find flowers in such a surrounding. Strong nature.

  3. The purple flower looks like a variety of lupin.

  4. The desert lily's leaves are kind of creepy...love the long shadow shot!


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