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Saturday, March 25, 2017


It was a rainy day so I couldn't do any outside projects.  
But it was a good day to do an inside project 
such as repairing the broken cord in the RV window shade.

The RV shop I bought the repair kit at is going out of business so I got 25% off the price! Cool.

 What a nightmare!  Yeah, it looks pretty straight forward but the instructions were vague and I still had to refer to a few YouTube videos for some guidance.  Still, the instructions nor the videos mentioned any of the things that you might accidentally do or not notice thus forcing you to undo what you just did and do it all over again, after a lot of head scratching.

After several hours I gave up.  I'll take it on again on another day.  At least I am pretty good now at getting the string through all the little holes faster.  I've had lots of practice.
While struggling with this I thought about how much more difficult of a time I would be having if there was a cat helping me.


  1. Just looking at the explanatory diagram has given me a headache! Good luck with it on the next rainy day.

  2. Stef tried this too, it was a hell of a job...


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