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Saturday, March 18, 2017

Exciting non-exciting things have been going on.

Upon returning home I got right into making some modifications and upgrades to the Little House on the Highway.  The bigger projects are waiting for delivery from Amazon before I can fully present them here.  At the moment there is this small little improvement completed.  

I've always kept the fancy little Persian style carpet that a few of you were so amused at seeing spread out in my desert front yard, rolled up and placed on the floor in the storage compartment.

 The thought occurred to me that if I could store the rug off the floor this would free up a lot more space.  The problem was just how to do it.  I had a lot of time to think about it out there.  

All my brilliant ideas were thrown out once at home when I found two nice hangers in my junk cabinet in the garage that worked out perfectly.  Keeping it simple is always the best approach.  

I also removed the little Weber kettle bar-b-que that use to sit in that vacant space.  No picture as its gone with the trash.  I saved the grills to bar-b-que hobo style. This will free up space for jugs of drinking water.  I prefer to drink purified water verus what comes out from the faucet.

You may recall that black jug, one of many I came across in the desert cast off by illegal immigrants coming across the border.  Let me tell you it works super heating water by the sun.  One day I thought I would give my feet a bath.  I poured the water into a plastic basin while my feet were inside.  
Yowza!  That water was HOT!

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  1. That is a very smart way to keep the carpet, they do that in tappestry shops too. I once saw that in Turkey long ago.


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