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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

New Bathroom Addition

While in the desert during the winter I watched no TV.  It was wonderful.  I did watch YouTube videos, a lot of them from RV'ers traveling around.  One guy was talking about some modifications he planned to do to his RV, one of which was to remove the passenger seat as he travels alone with his cat and the seat is just taking up space.  I paused the video and stared at my passenger seat dumbfounded.  I've removed things from my RV including a bed over the cab but never even thought of the passenger seat!  It's probably been sat in a half a dozen times in the 9 years I have had the RV.

Wow, look at all that room!

The footwell worked well for some of my books I took along.

 This solved my problem of where to put the kitty litter box.  Before with Sinbad I kept it in the shower.  This trip with no Sinbad the shower was used as my pantry and that worked out great.  I hated to give up my new pantry.  I did some research and discovered they make furniture specifically for a litter box.  Once home I ordered one from Amazon.  Some assembly required and it was a perfect fit and I could use the same holes to bolt it down as was the seat.
That door swings opens up to access the litter box for servicing. 

There was a top piece that fit to those posts sticking up to set a lamp on or whatever.  
I cut that up to fill in the space around the sides to keep things like cat stuff there.

As I was doing this project I felt bad that I hadn't done this long ago so that Sinbad could of used it some.  He was always real good about going into the shower so I guess he was content with that.


  1. So I take it from that little project your getting a new cat to come along with you

  2. Like Bill I assume you are going to get a new companion. Good for you!


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