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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

"Off with her head!"

as said the Queen of Hearts to Alice and so I did likewise with the Little House on the Highway. 
I removed the air conditioner from the roof.
(I think that ugly TV antenna is coming off real soon too.  Useless!) 

The reality of it was I probably only used it a handful of times and that was back east when the humidity was so bad that the sweat was just rolling off of me at 9 in the evening as I laid there trying to read my book.  Good grief!  How do those people live in such conditions is beyond me.  Also you have to be plugged in to house current (RV park) or have the generator running to operate the thing.  
So it was simply dead weight up there.

In its place I installed a 3-speed vent fan that blows out and blows in.
This will get much more use and operates on 12 volts from my batteries.

A bonus feature is I now have a skylight in the middle of the living space.  Cool!

Update on the window shade.  I got back to it the next morning finishing up just as if I knew what I was doing all along.  It's installed and works great.


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