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Saturday, April 29, 2017

Beans Report

 We've been together for 3 weeks now, and on the road for one. Beans continues to impress me as a very intelligent fast learner. She knows what "no" means and immediately stops whatever she is doing or even thinking of doing. When out for a walk she is grasping what "come on" means and figuring out back-tracking to avoid getting the rope hung up. Sinbad was good about that. The harness and leash has been accepted as a necessary evil of getting to go outside. She doesn't mind putting it on anymore. Yesterday she chased her first lizard but unfortunately I had the short leash on. Now we always use the long retractable one. And she is teaching me things too. She tells me she is hungry by looking at her dish and meowing. Once I pick it up and start preparing her food she is quiet. Any other cat I have had carries on with even more intensity. She trusts me to step over her knowing I will not step on her. Nothing seems to bother her once she understands what it is, like the slide-out in the RV. If she is on it when I move it in or out she stays put for the ride. I notice it seems the sun affects her more than it did Sinbad, most likely due to her dark coat. After a bit she has had enough and starts back for the RV and the shade at a pretty fast pace. One time she slipped loose of the harness but didn't take off running. She allowed me come get her and pick her up. Whew! Beans is proving to be everything I had hoped for and then some. I have just forgotten what it is to have a young cat around and am learning we need to burn off some evening energy which is a challenge in a small RV.  I don't feel as bad for ripping her away from her new house as she seems to enjoy this life.

She's very content to just sit outside and look around.

More scenes from the Valley of Fire.

I thought this one feature was so neat looking,

like that ice cream that is chocolate and vanilla.

Some of these photos I wondered why I took the picture but I recall the detail in the rock which just didn't come out given the setting I had used.  Lesson learned.


  1. Glad she enjoyes it now. A cat has to unwind sometimes indeed. Even our 7 years old has each day her "mad quarter of a quarter" and chases up and down the stairs with flickering eyes!


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