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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

In Training

We've been working on using the harness and leash.
The first day was the alligator death roll.

This is the third day and we've moved on to the army sniper crawl.

Then stop.

Then more sniper crawling.


Yes!  We can walk.
I don't recall how Sinbad was with the harness and leash early on as it was so long ago.
Probably the same as with Beans.  She's doing good though.

Enough for today.  Time for rest.


  1. She is making progress. I never managed this. Sofietje panicked completely and rushed to the attic with the lease behind her. She is now going out in the back garden where is no traffic on her own but stays in the garden, it is a miracle. We have lost two cats by a car accident in front of the house. Knock on wood she will not leave the garden.

  2. She has the perfect cat pose in the last photo. Sweet.

  3. Looks very promising John.

  4. Beans looks great on the multi colour blankie!

  5. Beans is a cute one. Following along on a leash must seem unnatural to a cat, but she's getting the idea.

  6. Your lovely new cat seems to be getting uses to a leash. Best of luck in your travels.


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