A Traveler and his Cat exploring America.

Friday, April 21, 2017


The day on the road started out with an extremely unhappy cat.  Beans cried and carried on so much I had to stop three times in the first several miles to console her.  I had not expected this at all for she rode very nicely the day I brought her home. She outdid anything Sinbad had ever done.

After about 45 minutes of trauma she finally settled down enough to take in the view.  To her credit this is something Sinbad wasn't really all that interested in doing and would get down and hide if a big truck rolled by.  Traffic didn't faze her one bit.  Good Beans.
Into the second hour she must have worn herself out as she quietly rode in my lap.

We are eager to project human feelings onto what our pets do and I am no different.  I figured 1. she really loved the run of her new home and didn't want to be taken away from that or 2. she felt she was being taken to a new adoption and a new home.  I doubt they can reason that, but who knows.

Tonight will be her first night in the RV.  Tomorrow morning will be interesting to say the least. 


  1. Oh, she's so sweet sitting on her new perch. I'm anxious to read how she fairs tomorrow. Happy Trails, you two.

  2. I am of the opinion that we would probably be amazed at how much they do reason. Especially when we expect them to. We had a dog that loved to go for a walk...I could not even spell the word walk without she went wild....I finally figured it was the sound of the 'k'...it has such a strong sound.

    Our Bubbie cat now was strictly Roger and daughter's cat till he got his leg broke. Oh, I was an okay human since I would feed him..

    But when his leg was broke, I would lay in the floor with him and wrap myself around him...and ever since he really loves me and craves my attention. Actually demands...

  3. Friends of mine recently acquired a dog from a rescue centre. It seems to like its new home so much that it refuses to go on walks though it's quite happy to join them in their car. At present they all have to go out in the car and then one of them walks back with the dog who is quite happy with this arrangement!

  4. Can only goes upward from here. Nice.

  5. No cat is the same, they all have their own character, I think you are right, she probably thought you were moving her away again. When we drive a cat to our veterinarian they have all cried all the way long but that is probaly they know what to fear for... Hope Beans will get used to the travel life.

  6. I agree with Rose above. We should give animals more credit for thought. Most dogs love going in the car. Not mine. She starts vibrating with fear the minute she knows she has to get into the car, and she shakes and pants for the entire ride. When she was a puppy, she and many other shelter dogs were transferred from North Carolina to New Jersey, and I think the ride traumatized her. It was evident when I picked her up that first time. It seems like Beans overcame her fear and will be a good travel partner for you. Have fun!

  7. My cats have all hated cars and my dogs loved them so who knows!

  8. Don't worry, Beans. You're in good hands and you're going to have some awesome adventures. Just enjoy the ride.

  9. Beans looks like she's into it.


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