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Friday, April 28, 2017

Nevada's Valley of Fire State Park

This is Nevada's first state park established in 1935.  I've known about it and seen pictures but this was my first visit.  It was well worth the admission price of $10.  If you like geology, or just plain old pretty rocks this is a must see park north of Las Vegas.

Like people always say, the pictures aren't as good as seeing it in person.

I have my camera set for a small format so the photos will upload easier but I don't like the end result.
I think I will reset my camera settings and be more patient with the uploads.

These were called the Bee Hives

A fun fact.  How do they figure these things out anyway?

- more to come -


  1. Those are impressive rocks, those bee hives are very inusual.

  2. Indeed by looking at photos you miss the heat , sound and smell of the desert. But only looking at is is already a treat for the brain here.


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