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Monday, April 24, 2017

No, This is Not Us.

I didn't see this happen.  These photos were sent to me.
This why I don't have a huge RV. 

Cutting a sharp turn on a mountain dirt road the rear end didn't track where the front wheels did.

He said he was following his GPS.

Today's driving was all about getting over the Sierras before the snow started.  Once down into Nevada I fought high winds all day.  I wish I could say Beans is doing better but she continues to voice her displeasure about moving on to a new location.  We are in Nevada working our way south to a location where I can stay put for a few days and relax enjoying the scenery. 


  1. Hopefully Beans will adjust.

  2. Ahhh, poor little girl. She may be unsure of her future right now....hopefully, with experience, she'll trust the "moving" time more and start believing she'll continue to be safe while the van is moving. It took Annabelle several days to settle down her first trip. She has to readjust with each trip, but the duration of her anx lessens each time. Happy Trails, John. :)

  3. Just don't let Beans see these photos! A vehicle with "Bounder" written on the side would not sell well in England where it means "a dishonourable rascal".

  4. Keep on the road, poor Beans, hope she will get used to the travelway.

  5. You'll get used to it soon, Beans, don't worry. It's a new adventure, and it's always hard to get used to a new life. Chillax..... chillax.

  6. These photos kind of remind me of the movie The Long, Long Trailer.

  7. I bet it cost a pretty penny to get that RV towed out of there.


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