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Thursday, April 13, 2017

The King has a New Throne

Today I finished the last of the big jobs on the RV upgrades, installing a composting toilet.
No more dumping the black water (sewage) ever again.  Yes!
What a unpleasant task I will never have to do again.  

This is made primarily for boats and can be used in RVs and off grid cabins and the like where no plumbing and septic tank is available.  That center piece with the knob lifts out before you sit.

Inside is a diverter than funnels urine to the front and poo in the back.  
Guys need to sit to use it effectively when peeing.  I've been sitting for years anyway, but I suppose you really didn't want to know that.

Here you can see the one gallon milk jug for #1 and a five gallon bucket for #2 which holds the composting material and the agitation device.  Peat moss, coconut fiber or wood mulch like used for hamster cages is the composting medium.

You turn the handle a bunch of times to fully "churn" the composting material and your deposit.

The composting materials removes all moisture and then simply after a week or so when it gets hard to turn you empty the bucket into a plastic bag and dispose in a trash can.  Now yes, I too thought that not a good thing but diapers and colostomy bags are disposed of in the same manner.  The composting makes the undesirable element much much less offensive as those other two comparisons since it is dried up.  In the first photo you can see a sight window in the front so you can monitor the one gallon bucket.  When getting full just lift out and dump most anywhere.

As for smell, they say it is the combing of #1 and #2 is what makes sewage so awful smelling.  Keeping the two separate eliminates that, or so they say.  I didn't know this.  Occasionally misting a mixture of vinegar and water keeps things nice.  I might add a drop or two of Pinesol into the milk jug every once in awhile.  But they say that that center piece with the knob seals it all off.  Some people attach a house freshener strip on the inside.  Good idea.


  1. I've heard of composting toilets but had no idea how they worked. Thanks for the overview. At least one off-the-grid desert homestead cabin in my desert area has a composting toilet.

  2. Once visited a cottage that had a composting toilet. Seemed to work fine, so hope yours does.

  3. I never heard of this, but it seems like a great idea for the RV.


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