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Saturday, April 8, 2017

The Weather

The weather has been unkind here for the past few days, keeping me from doing outside projects.  
Yesterday an album I ordered arrived so this gave me a good inside project to do.  All my art I've kept in folders and now with this album I can have them in some sense of order.
 But I ran out of the little photo corners so I will have to go out in this nasty wet cold weather to get some more or just sit here looking at an unfinished project.  I'm going out.
I hope you don't have unkind weather wherever you are.


  1. We had snow yesterday morning which melted in the afternoon and today it is sunny and +13˚C! Crazy spring!

  2. I'm a few miles north of RedPat, and yes, we had BIG SNOW! There's a snow mountain outside my house where the plows left it.

  3. I see some very nice drawings. Good to put them in a kind of portfolio.

  4. For a change we have wonderful, sunny, warm! weather. Good luck with drawings.


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