A Traveler and his Cat exploring America.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

This is Nevada

Pretty much anywhere in the state of Nevada, on any given road or highway, this is all you will see.

A long day of driving and I am still not at my destination.

I am afraid you will be subjected to quite a few sign photos like this in the future.

Here is your Beans Bulletin: We had no complaining during today's drive.  A major breakthrough!

This is Clean Beans enjoying the view at the end of the day's drive at our camp for the night.

This is Dirty Beans.  Like Sinbad she immediately wallows in the dirt given the first opportunity.

She seems purrfectly content to sit in the doorway and look out.   
She is adjusting to the harness and leash and is associating it with going outside.  Progress.  
Another traveler came over to ask what I knew about the place we are staying at (a rest area) and Beans just sat there.  Sinbad would have skedaddled deep into the RV.  I guess that is good.  I am still learning things about her as she learns things about me and RV life.


  1. She's adorable. Especially like that last photo of her. Safe travels you two :)

  2. Progress is good! Oh, if you get time, look Here at my grand-dog. I think you will get a kick out of it. You don't have to comment...not asking for that. She likes to watch TV...

  3. She is a cutie! We travel with a cat also, but as of yet he hasn't gone outside of the RV. Nice photos...

  4. She is a keen kitty, she does it step by step in her own pace.

  5. She's gonna be a great companion...so happy she's adapting well...smart little girl. Dare I say....cool Beans :)

  6. Progress with Ms Beans, that's wonderful news. And yes, more Beans store titles, love them.


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