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Thursday, May 18, 2017

Exploring a Canyon

A few of the locals came by in the morning to welcome us to their neighborhood.

They couldn't stay long.

I wanted to explore a canyon I could see off in the distance.  
It is in the center of the photo.

My uneducated guess is that at one time millions of years ago this area was a huge sandy desert like the Sahara and this may have been a large sand dune.

I was able to climb up as far as the tree in the center of the photo 
and as you can see here, that was far enough.

Coming around the side of the "dune" my objective came into view.

At this point I really studied the terrain making sure what I went down into I would be able to climb up back out of.  I sure wouldn't want to get stuck down there.

I made it and this is the view looking straight up.
Imagine the water falling from the edge up there during a rainstorm.

Someone lives up in that little hole and by the signs of all the little rodent bones that were lying around the area it must be a hawk or falcon.

I climbed up into a side canyon and upon reaching the top saw it fell off into another canyon on the other side.  

There was a straight drop-off so that was the end of the trail for me.
It must be an impressive small waterfall during the rains.

 Now how did that rock get there?

On the way back, the only one of these flowers I've seen.



  1. It is an interesting area to explore indeed. Great nature!

  2. SO impressed with your courage and curiosity! Stay safe

  3. What Cloudia said. Your hikes do take some courage, simply because of the isolation, never mind the terrain. I surely do hope that you have mobile phone contact with your wife while on these excursions. You didn't ID the locals that visited, and I'm not familiar with that animal. Though I don't often leave a comment, I'm following along and truly enjoying this trip. Beans is so lovable. Be safe.

  4. Your photos and descriptions of your finds are absolutely fascinating. As Becky said, be safe and be prudent.


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