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Sunday, May 14, 2017

Rabbit Valley

We are two miles into Colorado just over the border from Utah. 
Yes, there are rabbits here.
Also these little guys - Prairie Dogs 

Beans with her first capture.  
Can you spot the grasshopper?

After tormenting it for awhile we moved on, much to the relief of the hopper.

Way cool, someone left me some baked potatoes!
These will last me for days.


  1. That the grasshopper could tell this story is remarkable. Beans just playing.

  2. The hunting instinct works well with Beans.

  3. Baked potatoes? really? manna from heaven.
    I've been busy with an art show so am just catching up with your adventures. Beans is definitely turning into the ideal companion.

  4. Cats are so easy to entertain. A grasshopper might keep Beans happy for hours. The flower looks similar to a Sego Lily, the Utah state flower. Can't tell for sure. Pioneers ate sego lily bulbs like potatoes, so when you mentioned potatoes in the next photo, I thought you had cooked them up yourself.
    The prairie dogs sure are cute.

  5. Now that's an unexpected find! Glad Beans is working out so well.

  6. I think that is a Mariposa lily wildflower.


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