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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

We Say Good-bye to Rabbit Valley

This is looking south in the valley where Interstate 70 bisects it.
We were on the other side of those three hills in the center distance.

The southern portion has a lot of rock formations and canyons.  I thought I had a long distance shot of the canyonlands but evidently do not and I don't feel like going back to the top of that mountain.

This feature is called Castle Rock.  
I could come up with some better names but we'll move on.

 From another vantage point down from the top of the mountain 
you can see the northern half of Rabbit Valley.

Nothing very remarkable about the northern portion except to say that is a lot of land.


  1. Thats the nice thing of your country lots and lots of land filled with some real amazing natural wonders. Nice to see.

  2. This is what I remembered of the US, the wideness without any houses or buildings, only nature. We almost don't have that here anymore.

  3. Miles and miles of unuseable land and fantastic rock formations. What a grand view!

  4. Gorgeous photos and that first one is my favorite.


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