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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

A Perfect Camp

I was driving down the dirt road at our new camp location looking for a small cleared area of sagebrush off to the side to pull on to.  Up ahead a guy in a pickup with camper shell was throwing a ball for his dog.   He appeared to be getting ready to leave so I pulled to a stop, rolled down the window and yes, he was leaving.   Cool!  I waved goodbye, pulled in, turned off the motor and stepped outside.  It was a broad wide open valley, peaceful and quiet, a small rushing stream off in the distance...yes, I like this place.  After picking up dog poop he left behind I let Beans out and set up camp which amounts to pushing the slide-out open about 4 inches.  Done.

Looking straight out from camp at a rushing stream that is just the right distance away.

I sat in my chair enjoying the scene and it slowly came to me why I was feeling so at peace here compared to camps in the past few weeks.  I like wide open spaces.   I like to be able to see for miles all around.   I like the sun and big unobstructed sky and seeing stars at night.  In the forests I was feeling confined, closed in.  Although the shade may be nice and cool some of the places were plain dark and gloomy.   I usually could see no further than I could throw a rock, that's if I didn't hit a tree first.  Finally, and you'll think I am really off after reading this, being camped right next to a rushing stream isn't all that romantic as I thought it to be.  The first night I couldn't get back to sleep from the noise and had to put in ear plugs.  Then the next day I found myself shutting the door just for some quiet as the constant noise was getting to me.

This brings up another point that came up while talking with my neighbors at the previous camp.  The lady said how the following weekend was a four day long holiday weekend (4th of July, Independence Day) and everywhere will be packed.  I had no idea this date was approaching.  I just don't think of holidays anymore and this one would have blindsided me.  I kind of panicked wondering what am I going to do and where are we going to go to escape the madness?

The mountain in the distance with the cleared strips running down it 
is the popular winter ski area of Sun Valley, Idaho.

Now I admit there are times I am a bit slow on the uptake and this is one of them. 
 It has taken up to now for me to realize why I have been having such an abnormal time on the road these past two months.  Sinbad and I always did our traveling in the fall or spring. 
 We never ventured out during the summer months when school was out and families are all over the park lands like a swarm of ants. 
Here Beans and I are right in the thick of "vacation time" dealing with this all these weeks.
 And with that revelation I felt just a little bit better about myself.


  1. In Canada we are celebrating the 150th anniversary of Confederation this weekend, and it's going to be madness here too!

  2. I know what you mean. I only venture into supermarkets (even my local organic coop) on weekdays. I believe the same holds true for camping. There are seasons for everything - shopping, camping, touring, etc. Once you realize the routine, you will be happier. Loving following along on this trip. And love Beans. :)

  3. Looks like a nice place you've found. I'm not a cat person, but I must say I'm taking an interest in Beans!


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