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Friday, June 2, 2017

A Walk in the Forest

The first morning I thought I would go for a hike through the woods, with no trails to follow this would be something new and different for me.  I brought my real good compass with me so I could find my way back out.

It was really nice to hear the wind blow through the tree tops.
These trees were different for me, some looked as if they were bleeding.  I later looked them up and believe them to be water birch.

Someone built a shelter of sorts in the woods.

 Not far I found another.

And I found my usual solitary bone.  Except this time not far away there were more bones, but no skull so I don't what it was.  I saw a few deer which seemed very big compared to the deer back home.  These their backbone were as high as my chest.  No pictures of any for they were masters of hiding among the trees.  

Finally I came out on the other side of the woods near where we turned in from the highway.  I thought I'd walk over and read all the information that I did not stop for when we arrived.  
Then I read the part under the paw print.

Well that's just great after I've been traipsing around out there for and hour or so.  
This boy is definitely out of his element.  
I thought about all those bones scattered about as I walked back to camp on the dirt road.

(later entry)  After a day and a half and two nights I wimped out.  I couldn't stand the cold cold wind up there at 8343' altitude and left for lower elevations.  Sorry for I expect some of my followers were looking forward to some forest posts.  I haven't given up.  I still want to be in the forests.  


  1. Looks like every place has its own speciality.

  2. Bears and bones, not a pleasant combination...

  3. I think coming face to face with a bear might not be the best experience you have ever had.

  4. Birch trees are pretty!
    At least the bone does not look human
    Several years ago we were in South Dakota and it was cold - only 50F and windy in July!


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