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Monday, June 5, 2017

Along Bear River and Beyond

After the fiasco at Promontory Point I found a nice spot by the Bear River to camp.

Well, it was nice after I picked up all the litter strewn about by the locals.
There was more but it was in the mud and swamp area 
yet I was able to get what I would have to look at.
All compressed into a Walmart bag.

Oh to have the power of God whereupon I could zap all litterbugs from the face of the earth.

The next day we headed north into Idaho where I picked up the Oregon Trail and followed it to Soda Springs.  Yep folks, Soda Springs is out there under that man-made lake somewhere.

Soda Springs was a much anticipated stop to relax, refresh and take in the therapeutic warm water of the thermal springs for the pioneers on the Oregon Trail.  One can still see the trail as the wagon wheels ground deep ruts into the earth and it passed right through where I was camped...somewhere.  Its that time of the year and the grasses are so thick and tall I couldn't find the ruts.  
There wasn't as much litter at Soda Springs but there was another problem.  The locals would bring their dogs to the lake to frolic about.  While outside at the picnic table eating my dinner this one of a pack of three came over to leave a steaming pyramid of poop nearby.  I wondered if the owner would clean up after his mutt.  Nope!  I was going to say something as he was loading up the hounds but decided I best not.  He might come back in the middle of the night with a bunch of his friends and let the air out of my tires.  Add irresponsible dog owners to those who I would zap.

Testing my little camera.
On that far ridge line is a cross on the top in the middle. 

Zoomed in to the max at 17x there are two Bald Eagles on the cross.
Not bad for a little compact camera.  I like my Canon G7X.

Idaho is sure beautiful country but I know what the winters are like and I'd die.


  1. The surroundings look rather friendly with green and blue skies.

  2. I looked up Soda Springs and I see there is a geyser that goes off once an hour, did you see it? I agree about zapping litterbugs and people who don't pick up dog poop. We have to respect this world of ours, it's the only one we have.

  3. I'd like one of those zappers for drivers who follow too close!

  4. A couple more reasons that people suck!


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