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Friday, June 9, 2017

Big Sky Country

That is how Montana describes itself - Big Sky.  And it is well deserved.  I can't explain it but as I drive through the state that is just how it seems. The sky really does look bigger than other places. Big Sky is written everywhere and a lot of businesses incorporate those two words in their name.

  When we camped in this broad valley southeast of Helena (the capitol by the way) the wind was out of the southeast.  This was good for it was 93 degrees, or so stated the bank thermometer in a town we had just rolled through, but more importantly it kept the bugs at bay.  
Later I noticed this coming in from the northwest.

The wind stopped and it was dead calm. Suddenly it picked up again coming at us from opposite direction as before.  Now it came from those dark clouds and it did so with force.  "Batten down the hatches Lieutenant Beans!"  There was lightening and thunder but no rain although I could smell it from somewhere.  I was hoping for a real hard downpour.  The Little House on the Highway needs a bath real bad.  The rest of the day was cooler, under the clouds and the sky didn't look quite as big as before.  Oh, and if there is no wind we have bugs all around just like at Pelican Lake.

This is one of the aspects about the great plains states I really like , how the weather can change so drastically within a matter of minutes.

Seeley Lake, the next place we stayed.

My first beaver lodge in a very long time.

I like to stop at the roadside historical points of interest whenever possible.  That usually requires a set of perfect conditions: 1. I get a far enough in advance warning one is coming up, 2. I don't have a bunch of cars on my butt and 3. I can get the Little House on the Highway slowed down to a stop in time.  This one I thought you folks might enjoy reading.


  1. Nice post. Is it also a tornado state?

  2. Exciting histories there, murder and crash!

  3. Your first photo is so dramatic!
    I definitely think the husband did it!

  4. Your first photo is so dramatic!
    I definitely think the husband did it!

  5. Wow, lots of bad things happened there. I've never been through Montana without getting creeped out by the hordes of grasshoppers. Ugh. Still get the willies remembering the crunches of their exoskeletons under our wheels (shiver). Learned how to hold my water for hours on end to avoid going outside. I've been assured they aren't there always....guess I've always just been there at the wrong times. Beautiful though, as you've captured. Great posts, John.


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