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Saturday, June 17, 2017

Canyon Creek

Our next camp was at Canyon Creek which is a tributary of Sherman Creek which is a tributary of the Columbia River which now has the Grand Coulee Dam that created Lake Roosevelt way up at the end where we are. Along the way was the Log Flume Heritage Site.  
"Neat!  I'd like to see a log flume."

I walked the "Interpretive Trail" and saw nothing.

Back in the RV and a mile down the road was the campground, another one of those perfect camps - quiet, all to ourselves and no bugs.  In fact, ever since I bought a can of bug spray I haven't had to use it even once.  That stuff really works!  After lunch I took a trail that followed the creek downstream in hopes to find the elusive log flume.  A half a mile later I was back where that sign and the Interpretive Trail was.  No log flume anywhere.  I guess 90 years later it had long since washed away or maybe was removed.  At least they could tell me something.

I turned back and took pictures of flowers instead.

I thought this was in focus but oh well.  It had buds like a rose and the leaves looked like a rose bush.  Maybe another type of wild rose?  No big thorns, just tiny ones.

I was surprised this one came out for it wouldn't hold still to have it's picture taken.

Now this would have been cool to see but I'm here at the wrong time of the year it seems.  I thought about this as I walked on: At some point in time some poor soul did everything he wasn't supposed to do in regards to the monkshood plant and so we know better today.  Thank you for your sacrifice.

Back at that sign I read where 90 years ago it was an especially dry year and in August a bolt of lightening set off a fire southwest from here.  When the fire reached that ridge in the distance homesteaders and loggers ran for their lives.  You can see how the forest has returned to the mountain slopes in those 90 plus years.

This is a prescribed burn but just imagine the whole mountain covered in smoke.

The next morning as Beans and I took a walk around camp she caught her first mouse.  She almost had a second one but the mouse went around and around a plant and so did Beans and pretty soon the plant was all bundled up all tight and neat by her long cord and the mouse escaped.  
I didn't think anyone would want to see a dead mouse so I didn't take a picture.

So instead here is a picture of some moose poop,
or one humongous rabbit.
 I verified it in my guide book, it is moose.
Now that would be super to see!


  1. Beans keeps her skills for hunting alive. A Moose around, also interesting for her, only a bit to big.

  2. Beautiful!

    But that monkshood scares me. I've never heard of it before.

  3. Very interesting area. Wasn't aware how deadly monkshood can be. Beans is a hoot. I'm glad you guys found each other.

  4. I had some monkshood in my flower garden!!!! But I didn't try to eat it.

  5. I'm sure I've seen an old log flume around here someplace. And we certainly have moose!


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