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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Freedom, Wyoming

We crossed the border back into Wyoming where I stopped in this little town for a break.
Population: 214.  My kind of town.
Elevation: 5,777'.  Not my kind of town.

Freedom sits right on the Idaho/Wyoming border.  
The borderline runs right down main street.

An old gas pump.  
How old?

A gallon of gas was only a two digit figure.
They never imagined someday gas would be more than a dollar a gallon
when they made this gas pump.

Beans likes Freedom

Then it was back into Idaho where we camped along the south fork of the Snake River in a Forest Service campground.  We had it all to ourselves and it cost only $1.50.

It was very nice weather wise.  Why I could even wear short pants.  The sound of thunder rolled through the area.  I love that in the mountains and can enjoy it more now as the loud noise doesn't bother Beans as it did with Sinbad.

Ah, but the water was too cold to even think about going in.

Off in the distance a purposely built platform for Bald Eagles to nest in.  
Imagine what that pile of sticks must weigh.
With my binoculars I could see a bird in the nest, probably the nearly full grown chick.


  1. It strikes me that you could tell people that Freedom got its name back in the days of the Wild West when gangs of outlaws would frequent the bars there, so that if the sheriff and his posse from one state arrived then the gang could simply cross the road into the other state where they would be free.
    OK, I just made that up!

  2. Interesting area with green and bright waters. Love that nest, so huge!

  3. I wonder if John's comment (at the top) about Freedom is true? It could be, couldn't it?
    Just look at the snow on those mountain tops. Brrrr....

  4. According to Wikipedia, the community was settled as a border town by Mormon polygamists in order to escape arrest for polygamy: they could be free from Idaho police simply by walking into Wyoming. Perhaps the laws were different in Wyoming!

  5. I like the emptiness of this place!

    Freedom, what a good name for it.


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