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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Into Washington

It didn't take long to cross Idaho this time as we were up in the panhandle which is only a little more than 50 miles across as the birds fly.  Here I turned left again just like at the Yellowstone turn-off, and not towards the Canadian border but to the west, which this sign was orientated for, those coming in from the west.

I wouldn't mind too much going into Canada and explore around.  I've done it before years ago, just a small bit in British Columbia.  Its just the times have changed and my tolerance has diminished probably due to old age.  I don't want to have to deal with all the current rules, regulations, requirements, laws, stipulations,  and the malarkey of the border guards.  And I am referring to the U.S. side. Plus I'd probably have to have a long list of certifications for Beans.  If I had Sinbad I could sneak him across with no problem either direction.  He'd just hide.  Oh but it's a different story with Miss Beans.  She's either riding in my lap or up on the dash under the front windshield in plain view of God and everyone and whenever I roll down the side window she's right there poking her nose out.  
I love this cat.

Why name a town (if there was one I never saw it but it's on the map) Tiger?  
Unfortunately the Visitor Information Center was closed so I couldn't ask.

We wandered around a bit to stretch our legs.  I wasn't paying attention to Beans while looking through the screen at the blacksmith tools.  She went around the side and found a way to go in through those bars which I was unaware of.  Great!  Now to get her to come back out for I certainly couldn't go in and get her.  Gee, I just love this cat!

There was this interesting water pump that looked pretty ancient as far as water pumps that I have seen go. I pumped on the handle a dozen times just to see why they designed the drain to empty out onto your feet.  As Bob Dylan said "The pump don't work 'cause the vandals took the handles".
 In this case the pump simply didn't work.

Anyway the whole pump is nothing more than a drinking fountain.  The square box regulates the pressure so a constant steady stream flows to drink from instead of being blasted in the face each time someone pumps the handle.  Seems like a lot of machinery and work just for a sip of water.


  1. A lot of discoveries in the backyard of your country. Very nice to see John and also to hear how well Beans behave herself.

  2. Borders become more and more an obstacle, so much rules and intimidation indeed.

  3. Ya can't miss Canada when you're that close!


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