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Thursday, June 29, 2017

Lake Creek

Where we are is called Lake Creek. 
 One day I rode my bike three miles up the road and discovered why the name.

What a pretty setting for a camp, only room for one and 
yes, maybe I could get the Little House on the Highway up here.

But it is a single lane dirt road, a bit rough at this end 
and if I met someone coming up when we were going out
there would be a problem.

I was surprised to see such an elaborate long drop for just one campsite but the reality of it is if the Forest Service didn't have this here people would be doing their business everywhere imaginable and just think how awful this area would be then not to mention fouling the waters that flow down pass where I and a few others are camped.

I walked over to the structure and saw this.  Someone used a 9mm on the door. 
 I found the empty shell casings around in the lot.   I'll not say anymore.

Okay, I am.  Hopefully one of the bullets ricocheted and hit the pinhead.


  1. Those bullets must have been shot towards the inside of the door. Some people are so stupid. What a lovely place to camp. Quite a bit of snow left in the gullies on the mountains.

  2. A person could stay in this beautiful area for a long time.

  3. Wha a beautiful palce to be though like you I woul dhope the numpty managed to cop a ricochet

  4. Beautiful views! (except for the outhouse)
    "What goes around, comes around" and someday they will get what's coming to them

  5. So mountains and snow are intrequing, or is it the quiet part until the mass arrives? Sure is stunning out there.


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