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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Mountain Meadows, Mountain Goats and DIRT

I went for a ride on my bike up some Forest Service roads 
and through some pretty meadows full of flowers.

A sign along the road said there are mountain goats to be see in these mountains and lower foothills but I never saw them.  But then how could one possibly see a tiny speck of white way up on a mountainside so far away, even with the aid of binoculars or Hubble Space Telescope?

Back at camp I went over to say hello to my only camp neighbors.  They were an older couple (older than I...I think) locals from Idaho and the discussion ended up as to how things have changed in camping and being in the great outdoors compared to 30 or 40 years back.  They were commenting on how people are today and I could only agree with them for they were bringing up points that I was beginning to think is it just me and some bad attitude towards people I've nurtured as I've grown older?  I thought more on our visit afterwards and about how some people are just  Disrespectful,  Inconsiderate, Rude Tourists, and so will be referred to as DIRT from now on.  And with that, later in the day some DIRT moved in and I just had to leave the next morning.
It turned out to be good thing as I found a better place that even has strong cell signal,
something I haven't had in days and was able to update and post onto the blog my grumbling.


  1. I think we lived in a much nicer world 30-40 years ago, with friendly free spirits and freedom. People have become very nasty to each other and intolerant now.

  2. When I started camping about 45 years ago most of us arrived at the campsite on foot or by bicycle, seemingly laden down, but laughingly under-equipped by today's standards. Even those who had small caravans or VW campers were cramped for space. Under these conditions we often found ourselves relying on our fellow campers when, for example, we'd run out of milk or the matches for the Camping Gaz stove had got wet. This necessary co-operation soon broke down barriers. Nowadays everyone is far too organised and self-sufficient to speak much to their neighbour.
    However all is not doom and gloom. For the last 25 years I've worked with the disabled and whereas when I started we were frequently turned away from restaurants or cinemas - usually with half-baked excuses about fire-safety regulations - nowadays that just doesn't happen. And the most tolerant, patient and helpful people we encounter are the younger generation.

  3. You have visited some beautiful places but your right some places get spoiled by DIRT

  4. I have camped in a tent right across the USA and also part of Eastern Canada, and I hope I have been a respectful and considerate camper. Sadly now no camping for me as I'm on my own.

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  6. I can't tell you how many times I've wondered... Is it just me? Am I just getting grumpier as I get older, or is the world full of knuckleheads??! LOL, love the DIRT acronym, and so fitting!

  7. Yes, we just shake our heads sometimes!

  8. My kind of country, amazing photography. What kind of camera are you using?


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