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Sunday, June 25, 2017

Should I or Should I Not?

We were driving through some pretty remote areas, places that have towns many many miles in between them.   My dilemma was whether to get fuel in the only small town in a 50 mile radius and pay high prices or take a chance on making to the next big town 67 miles away.  I felt I could make it but not knowing how much climbing there was ahead of us, I made the decision (a good one for a change) and got fuel in the little town.  I didn't need any added excitement in my day like watching the fuel gauge rapidly fall.  The price was around 30 or 40 cents more per gallon.  I paid for not planning ahead.  When we arrived I learned the power was out in the entire valley so we all just stood around for an hour.   Fine if you are not in a hurry to be anywhere and I am not.

Back on our way I stopped for a scenic view.

Then I noticed along the fence line what appeared to be an apology that didn't go well.

Looks like she through the flowers out the window and drove away even madder.

Further on another scenic turnout.

Good thing I filled up when I did for it was a long hard pull up this grade
and I would be in a nervous sweat at the River of No Return.


  1. Marvelous views and good thinking. Also the trow away flowers are a nice remark. Like it.

  2. I was in the same predicament in the mountains of Wyoming a few years ago.... get gas, or try to make it over the top to the next town. The good news was we made it!
    Nice story about the flowers.

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  4. Beautiful country, how high up are you?


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