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Monday, June 12, 2017

Springy Point, Idaho

Funny name for a place.  
It is located on the shore of Pend Oreille Lake.  
Another funny name.

All funniness aside. it is quite nice here, quiet, nice weather and no bugs.

There is a pier, boat ramp and a sign with lots of Do Nots listed 
so I suppose on the weekends mayhem abounds.

But for now it is really nice and this lady was sitting on the dock by the bay 
(why does Otis Reading come to mind?) enjoying the sun and her phone.

She and her husband along with another couple are delivering two brand new RVs to someplace.
Yes, you can get a job transporting RVs across the country from the manufacturer to dealers.
Had I only known years ago....

I pulled into a do-it-yourself car wash in Bonners Ferry and gave the Little House on the Highway a bath concentrating on two months worth of bugs splattered all over the front.  She looks a lot nicer now.  Later at this campground I discovered they had showers.  I didn't have bugs splats on me but I took advantage of the opportunity anyway.  I can't say I look better but I bet I smell better.
25 cents for a 5 minute hot shower with pressure.  In California you have to pay a dollar for 2 minutes...that's if you can find a place that has them.


  1. I have heard about those delivering tours with campers, they were even promoted here to have a cheap tour through the States.

  2. It's always good to get rid of bug splats, both on the vehicle and on the occupant!


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