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Saturday, June 10, 2017


We spent the day and evening in Whitefish/Columbia Falls/Kalispell, Montana. I never knew what town we were in.  I can tell you it was 90 to 95 degrees hot and when I woke up at half-past midnight and it was still 81 degrees.  Geeze, we're only 50 miles from the Canadian Border I didn't expect this!

Clever eye-catching advertising for an RV park in town, 

one of those three towns.

If you ever thought trailer camping can be confining,
look at this little unit towed behind a motorcycle.

Here's the corker, two people slept in it...somehow.

A couple weeks ago Beans finally decided her outhouse was okay to sleep on.
She had been only using it to sit on looking out the window.


  1. Creative camping, floating above the ground.

  2. Interesting finds and a lovely picture of Beans. I like that.

  3. Only slim light people allowed in the motorbike camper.


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