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Sunday, June 11, 2017

Yaak River Camp

The Kootenai River.  I have never heard of it but is was a big fast moving river.  It reminded me of that song from my teen years about Running Bear and Little White Dove swimming across the river to meet each other where the waters pulled them down. 

This really was the ideal camp where again he had it all to ourselves and cost only $5.

It was perfect especially with the fact of no bugs.  Yippee!

Only thing missing was cell service.

The Yaak River flowed in from the other side of camp.

I'd like to have witnessed this happening.

Beans must investigate every hole she finds, even a tree stump cavity.

Hey, watch me!
Beans has been eyeing trees for sometime obviously thinking about if they could be climbed.

At a previous camp she finally went for it.  The tree had low branches and I knew if she went out onto them I'd never be able to get her out so I put the brakes on her cord for that first climb.

Her next tree climb (not this one) was a large Douglas Fir and I let her go the full length as there were no branches.  At the end of her rope I said "Well, now what are you going to do?"  
She backed down half way then jumped.  Now she knew what she was capable of.

This smaller tree I was ready with the camera.  The series are of her backing down from her climb as I can't catch her going up.  At any rate, she really enjoys climbing trees seemingly very proud of her accomplishment.  I'll let her enjoy herself while she's still young and agile for I always think about my Sinbad who never got to do some of these things being well I'll just say not as adventurous as is Beans.

The next morning as we left I felt this relaxed feeling once driving out from the dense woods of the campground. It made me think as I drove down the road that I must be uncomfortable in the confines of a forest.  I am more comfortable in the wide open spaces and sunshine.


  1. Your self and Beans are having one heck of an adventure.
    Good luck to you, Gordon.

  2. Beans looks really wonderful, young and adventures, it is good to sharpen her nails to climb the trees!

  3. Beans is turning into quite a brave and adventurous kitty. That camp spot looks very nice and I remember the song about Running Bear and Little White Dove from my teenage years!

  4. Is that the same Kootenay River that flows down out of Kootenay National Park in B.C.? We've seen it much higher up.


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