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Thursday, June 8, 2017

Yellowstone National Park

I turned left.  

Now you really didn't think I would go to a tourist-clogged natural wonder, especially after what I encountered at Promontory Point?  Yellowstone would be a hundred times worse!  I did look at it on Google Earth at Old Faithful Geyser to be exact.  I was appalled to see at how "developed" it has become since I was there 40 years ago.  I am happy with my memories from then.  To see it now would replace those fond memories of the beauty that is Yellowstone National Park..

Well that might put a wrinkle in your car fender!

The road did dip into the western edge of the Park so we actually were in Yellowstone for about 20 miles.  I was hoping I might see some Bison along the way but not one.  Oh beans!

So that's all I've got to show, 
Beans in Yellowstone Park.


  1. beans looks like he is having fun

  2. Beans has seen more of the world than any other cat!

  3. Bison?! That can't good for the car...or the bison.

  4. Beans is hunting bison, I think.

  5. Scratching my head over the fact that 10 bison were hit by cars last year. They are big and slow moving. Chalk it up to people driving crazy, I guess. A real shame.


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