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Thursday, July 20, 2017

Snow Cones?!

Snow Cone Trail

No, there were no snow cones in various fruity flavors to be bought at a vendor's booth.

The snow piles up in this deep lava tube and here it is July and it still has not melted away.
 Too bad the D.I.R.T. element left their mark by throwing sticks and stones
down onto the snow and ice.

Another trail branched off where you could look down into the Big Crater.
I wondered if anyone ever tumbled down that slope. 
 Knowing the stupidity of  D.I.R.T. probably so.
I can only hope.


  1. That was interesting as I have never seen a volcano that close up

  2. I can see a face of an Aztec in that last photo.

  3. Very cool. What made that imprint in the last photo?

  4. I like the view down into the big crater. Impressive!!


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