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Monday, August 21, 2017

Today is the Day

The great celestial event, the solar eclipse, happens today.  I selected Nebraska to be the state of choice to view the darkening skies as it is flat and wide open.  Now it was just a matter of the clouds. I have been monitoring the forecast for a week and most everywhere along the path of the dark zone was "partially cloudy".  That won't do.  I want "clear and sunny".  Each day what I wanted was further and further east in the state.  I eventually gave up on the weather.  You cannot control the weather.  But I can control to some degree the mass of people expected to infiltrate the area and with that I concentrated on a remote location hopefully few will make the effort to drive to.  So if the sun and moon are obscured by a cloud I can live with that for I mostly want to experience the totality of darkness in a matter of a few minutes in the middle of the day.  I've put in too much time and thought with this thing, I just want this to get over with so I can continue on with my life. 
Whatever happens, and what images I get I will post when I get to someplace with cell service.  

Our location ended up being just over the border into Wyoming.  It is a small wildlife management lake with only a couple places to camp.  This should be good.


  1. It is always a gamble of weather cooperates, wish you luck!

  2. The sun will be obscured 70% where I live. I do not have the proper glasses, so will watch the CBC TV coverage and also will watch the reflection in a bucket of water. Lets hope the clouds stay away. looking forward to seeing the photos you are able to take.

  3. We got about 70% here but it didn't get dark although the color of the sky changed a bit!

  4. looking forward to seeing the photos you are able to take.



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