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Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Cokeville, Wyoming

We pulled off the main highway into the small town of Cokeville (estimated population 547) as thier city park offered free overnight camping.  Upon checking it out it was extremely quiet so I thought good enough to call it a day.

After lunch I took a little walk.

Post offices in little towns are really good for their notices they up inside.
Well okay, I don't need to be seeing these kinds of notices.

Like so many small towns I come across, Cokeville was no different.
Their Main Street was most all closed stores, out of business, vacant.

The grocery store (the white facade) still had food items stacked on the shelves.
They just locked the doors, put a For Sale sign in the window and walked away.

One store window had this large painting propped in the window.  
Notice the black arc.  Those are dead flies.  That is as far as they can fall in the window as the painting is pressed up tight to the glass at that point.
I thought this funny addition to the art.

This is their miniature golf course made long ago by donations from town businesses and community member donations.  I can imagine the excitement and big ceremony when this was dedicated long ago and now it appears to have barely ever been used.

Nearby a snow cone trailer. 
It was Labor Day weekend when we stayed here 
and I saw not one person in the park while we were there.
When was the last snow cone sold here?

In looking up online to get the population for this post I saw this interesting tidbit of news about Cokeville's past:

On May 16, 1986, former town marshal David Young and his wife Doris Young took 167 children and adults hostage at Cokeville Elementary School. during the Cokeville Elementary School hostage crisis. The children and adults escaped after the bomb exploded. Both hostage takers died, while 79 hostages were wounded.

If interested here is a link to the story.


  1. The Wikipedia page was interesting. I wonder where the residents go for groceries.

  2. There are probably many small towns across America that are suffering the same fate. Your pictures show no cars, no people, not even a stray dog. And the Cokeville Wikipedia page is fascinating. I wonder how many of those hostage children have gone on to live happy lives, or has the experience changed them in some way.....


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